The erection of the new tower, which stands 400 feet tall, started on October 7th.  Crews had to bring the tower to the site in sections and paint each section before the assembly process began.  They also had to install proper lighting on the tower. 

Over the past month we have received several phone calls and emails regarding the process of getting the station back to full power.  Unfortunately it is not as easy as many think.  All 3 towers have to be specially made for our particular radio station.  Manufacturing this type of tower is not a quick process, because of the height, the number of guy wires (15 per tower), the concrete pads, and other technical specifications that must be met.

WWVA Chief Engineer Jack Rees tell us “we still have work to do on Tower 3 to get it broadcast ready, but plan on having it done by the last week of this month, at which point we can return to 50,000 watts daytime power and 12,500 watts at night.  Currently we are running at 5,000 watts both day and night.”  He went on to say that “weather will play a major role in the speed of getting the other 2 towers up.”

After Tower 3 is put into operation, the same procedure will be followed for the installation of the other 2 towers, which arrived on site this week.  Current projections have the entire project being completed by the end of the year.  Operations Manager Chad Tyson said, “Rest assured, crews are working daily either on site or behind the scenes to get WWVA back to full power as quickly as possible.”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010, all 3 of WWVA-AM's broadcast towers were knocked down due to severe storms and winds in excess of 70 mph.  Weather experts say wind speeds at the top of the 400 foot towers could have been in excess of 100 mph at the time of the incident.

Stay tuned to WWVA, and check back here at for more updates.