The NFL season is upon us and Peyton Manning kicked it off with one of the greatest performances in NFL history.....throwing 7 touchdown passes against Baltimore.  But hey....enough about Manning.  You want to know about your Pittsburgh Steelers....a team entering this season with more questions than answers. 

*will the offensive line gel

#will Redman be able to carry the load at RB or with the rookie Bell take over once he's healed up

#will age finally diminish this defense

#how much will the departure of Mike Wallace hurt the offense

There are many more questions that need answered...and the guy to do it is WPXI Sportscaster Bill Phillips.  Bill answers all the above questions and more because he has the inside info.  How?  Well lets just say Bill spends more time in the Steelers lockerroom than a dirty jock.  Here's Bill Phillips with the inside scoop on the 1st installment of Steelers Spotlight