Certain politicians....members of the media....will continue to make the Washington D.C. Navy yard shooting about guns.....but once again...they are missing the point and root cause of this senseless violence.  At the core...this is about mentally unstable people who give off warning signs yet are ignored and thus allowed to perpetrate unspeakable acts of horror.

It was known that Aaron Alexis heard voices in his head...was being treated for extreme paranoia...had 2 firearms related arrests.....was reportedly addicted to violent video games and was under psychiatric care for paranoia.  Throw in PTSD from helping out on 9-11 of 2001....and you have a history of mental and anger problems that should have set off numerous alarms with the people around him.

We simply live in a society that's become more violent and is creating more and more nuts like Alexis.  What are the reasons?  That's debatable....but the bottom line is we are seeing more and more of these crazy indivduals go on killing sprees and it doesn't take a gun to get the job done.

# 3 people died and 264 were injured in Boston by pressure cookers

# August of this year a man killed 1 and injured 11 when he purposefully drove his car into a crowd

#and what about September 11th, 2001.  Nearly 3,000 died and not a gun was near any of the carnage....just box cutters and airplanes

This is not a gun problem.  This is a mental health issue couple with individuals ignoring warning signs and doing nothing to alert the necessary people to treat and institutionalize citizens with behavioral issues.  Until the root cause is addressed...we will continue to deal with mass shootings....as we have been doing.  23 mass shootings under the Clinton adminstration....20 now under Obama....with 3 years left for him to break the record.