I...for one...am glad Oliver Luck is staying at WVU.  I think he does have the "beans" to move the sports programs into the future and contend in the Big 12.  I don't agree with all of his moves (Dana Holgorsen) but I admire anyone who makes them with confidence and no remorse.  Either way...the other day I had the chance to interview Luck about the Texas offer.  He declined to answer any questions pertaining to it...but he was pretty candid about the football program and coach.  He feels it will take time to establish an identity in the conference and reminded me that it wasn't the "Big East" anymore.  When asked about the antics of Dana Holgorsen on the sidelines...he simply said no coach is perfect (I'm not asking for perfect...I'm asking for professional).

Holgorsen on the sidelines looks like Dr. Frankenstein when he couldn't get the monster to come to life.  Hair all crazy...ranting and raving like a lunatic.  Holgorsen's sideline demeanor is an embarrassment to the school...the fans...and of course...the parents.  I know I wouldn't want my son playing for a guy who screams and berates players at such a level it would make Bobby Knight blush.  I asked Oliver Luck if he would want son Andrew playing for Holgorsen and he said yes....but I have to wonder if he really means that or if it was simply the right statment to make at the time.  I'll go with the latter.