Deer season (shotgun) in Ohio begins what better time to share my wisdom pertaining to deer hunting than now.

Bloomdaddy's Top 10 Things I've Learned About Deer Hunting

10 when you're bored will shoot anything (chipmunks, birds, dirt)

9 it doesn't matter how much clothing you are wearing....if you're not will be freezing by 8:30am

8 shooting out of the back of a moving truck is not accurate...and is the 2nd dumbest thing you could possibly do

7 urinating on an electric fence to see if it will shock you is the #1 dumbest thing you could possibly do....or at least I've been told (like getting shot with a lazer)

6 no matter what anyone says....sleeping in the woods is OK...just don't tell anyone

5 a deer jumping up within 20 feet of you will cause an immediate turtle head...guaranteed!!!!!

4 sit in the woods long enough...and in your will have made mad, passionate love to every hot actress in Hollywood...3 times over

3 once you're cold and hungry....there isn't a 16 point buck in that woods that could keep you there....

2 a beaver dam is not built as well as they appear.  It might look like the Hoover Dam...but you'll find out it's not once you get in the middle of it

and the #1 thing Bloomdaddy has learned over time in regards to deer season:

1 urinating thru 4 layers of clothing is an art form