Major League Baseball is trying to make it look like they give a damn about a pitcher getting his head split wide open....but don't let them fool you.  Introducing padded baseball hats to provide head protection is a nice gesture...but that's it.  This will simply do nothing to keep someone from getting badly injured during the course of a game and until someone is killed by a batted ball (it's only a matter of time) the league will continue to drag their feet on the topic.


The padded caps will be made available to pitchers for spring training next month.  By the way...their use is I can't imagine very many players utilizing them because in the "macho world" all athletes are brought up in....this would simply be to sissified.  With that said...what good will these hats do when they only protect a pitcher from a 95 mile per hour batted ball to the front of the head...and an 85 mile per hour ball from the side...especially when batted balls have been clocked consistently about 95 mph.

And how about of the 5 worst incidents with pitchers getting hit with batted balls between Sept. 5th and June 15th of 2012.  4 of those pitchers were struck below the cap line!  So until Major League Baseball mandates a mask or helmet for pitchers....they simply will not be protected from major injury.  Once again...nice try.