Received this email after the show Tuesday:


Bloomdaddy, I understand as a talk show host you have to play "devils advocate" or phrase questions in certain ways to drive topics.  I like the fact that you do this because it lets the listener express their opinions and makes people like me feel invited to join in on the conversation.  With that said, sometimes your opinion gets lost in the shuffle.  Forgive me if I missed it, but could you tell me how you feel about the situation in Ukraine and if this adminstrtion is somehow responsible.



Let me start by saying, as a talk show host, I feel my obligation is to drive conversation and that my opinion isn’t the only one that matters.  Thats why I take so many phone calls during the show.  Interaction with you is something I want, something I like and something I think is very important..  Now I do realize sometimes my opinion gets lost in all of it but I think that’s few and far between.


In regards to the email from Jeff:


I believe this adminstartion has been very soft when it comes to foreign policy

I believe allowing Iran…North Korea…and Syria (to name a few) to play a cat and mouse game with us has prompted others to feel emboldened.


I believe by announcing cuts to our military it shows weakness, a lack of readiness and less understanding of our nations morale and its something I wouldn’t have done in the first place.  But being that Obama has, it's definitely something I would not do now in light of the situation in Ukraine.


I believe Obama has diminished our role in the world as its top cop, a role I think we should 100 percent own.  We are the only ones with the capabilities and the might to do what's in the best interest of everyone involved.  We are a great nation because we are a caring people, and we try to make this hell hole we call the world a better place for everyone.  Sometimes we have to show our might and I believe most of the time it’s warranted.  I also believe without us on "THAT WALL"….this world would go to hell in a heartbeat. 


I have more thoughts on this subject and you will get them "live" on Wednesday's show.