Barry Bonds back in baseball?  "Say it ain't so Joe....say it ain't so" as the old quote goes.  After 7 years in exile, Bonds begins his weeklong stint as a San Francisco spring training instructor.  Alot of the quotes I have read from players are congratulatory, even rising to the level of worship.  Disgusting.

You can make the argument he was never convicted of anything involving the use of performance enhancing drugs and I will counter with use some damn common sense.  This guy is the most notorious cheater in the history of the game when it comes to PEDs, and for that he should be shunned from baseball.

What Bonds and others did to the game should not be forgotten and should not be condoned (which it is by allowing him back on the field in any way).  By cheating, he and others inflated numbers, put pressure on others to follow in their footsteps to achieve success and ran countless others out of the game who would not partake in their activities.  Bonds harmed the game and countless lives with his inflated numbers.  A player who used to produce 20 homeruns with 80 rbi's was an all-star before the juicers.  After them, that same player was in the minors or selling insurance.  To put it bluntly, Bonds and the rest of the cheaters stole careers from many a man who would not cheat.

On top of all that, Bonds is one of the most notorious a@#holes in the history of sports.  For that reason alone nobody should welcome him back.  We all to often are to willing to forgive and forget in society today.  This is a prime example of where if ever a grudge should be held....this is it.