I talked to the Executive Director at the Call of Duty Endowment, Dan Goldenberg, who pointed out the overall unemployment rate for post 9/11 vets age 18-24 was 21.4%.  This is hard to imagine when you consider how much these vets bring to the employment table.

If I am an employer, I am jumping at the chance to employ a young veteran.  To me a veteran has already proven they are a team player with a can-do attitude who understands the value of teamwork.  Also, 18-24 year old vets are still young enough to mold and shape into the type of worker I want.  Being in the military also shows a sense of selflessness that is invaluable when it comes to being a competent and caring employee.

If you think about a young vets skill set....honed and refined while in the service....you can see an employee who is impressive in the fields of security, safety, telecommunications, admin and management.  To me, it's a win-win for the employer to hire a young veteran.

I think the high unemployment rate has to do with a barrier that's been built through a lack of communication.  Vets have a hard time communicating their self worth while employers who never served have trouble understanding the military experience.  This barrier needs broken down because alot of able bodied/minded vets are standing on the sidelines when they need to be in the game.