Little rant here to McDonald's.  First off....I love ya.  I do.  I like my Big Mac every once in awhile and your fries and still to die for.  With that said....if you have all your lights on at 4:35am like an aircraft runway....then be open for business!!!!!!!!!

You see...when I'm driving to work at that time and I'm craving a fountain coke like Oprah craving a turkey leg....I need my fountain coke.  And when I see that Golden "M" lit up like the night sky on the 4th....I expect to get it.  Making matters worse is the fact the drive-thru is also lit up like the little dipper.  Now...if the "M" is lighted but the drive-thru isn't...that's a clear indication to me the restaurant is not open.  But when both are on....that tells a consumer they can get what they want.  That's why I got off 2 exits envisioning my hands wrapped around an ice cold fountain lips puckering for that throat ready for the crispness of the coke.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I didn't get to enjoy my soda like a shipwrecked pirate tasting that coconut juice for the very first time.  I instead had to settle for a Code Red Mountain Dew when I got to work.....which is the equivalent of hitting a crack pipe at 5 am.

So in the name of my sanity McDonald's.......turn your damn lights off until you're ready to serve the least the drive-thru lights.  It's false advertising!!!!!!!!! And it crushes the hopes of all the people like me who crave a fountain coke at 4:45am.  My head hurts.  I'm done.