A new report out says the number of cancer survivors in the U-S will rise from the current 14.5 million to nearly 19 million by 2024.  According to the new report by the American Cancer Society....factors such as early detection and better treatments are the reasons why.  Also....Mayo Clinic researchers say they managed to wipe out a woman's cancer with a blast of measles vaccine strong enough to inoculate 10 million people.  Up next will be larger scale studies and tests of the vaccine's effectiveness against ovarian....brain...head and neck cancers.  The goal is to find a "single shot" cure for many cancers.

This is great news and very promising for those out there dealing with cancer directly or indirectly.  I've been very luck in my life that nobody in my family at a young age has had to deal with cancer...and I pray for those families who do.  Just the other day my son had a baseball game and I was getting the field ready.  That's when I glanced across the parking lot and saw a couple approaching and I couldn't help but notice she was completely bald.  I immediately teared up....thinking about what she was going through and how much courage she must have.

It was a pretty day...sun was out...kids voices in the air.  All I could think about was her and others battling the deadly disease and how they must cherish days like these....days that I take for granted.  I thought about her family and fight for life.  All of this prompted me to sit down in the dugout and look around.  Just take in the sights and sounds of life for a couple of minutes.  I highly recommend you do the same because your life...just like mine...just like hers....can change in the blink of an eye.  Don't every forget that.