Bowe Bergdahl's father should bare some responsibility for his sons actions shouldn't he?  Bob Bergdahl told his son to "follow his conscience" in response to Bowe's struggles with his time in Afghanistan.  I mean his father had to know his son left the Coast Guard in 2006 for psychological reasons because Bowe's friends did.  He also had to know his son wasn't thinking clearly based on Facebook posts and other correspondence...because again....his friends did.  So what I'm getting at here is the fact that if you know all this....why would you tell your son to follow his conscience?  Shouldn't you be calling military personel to alert them to check on you boy because he isn't thinking straight?  That's what I would do.

If my son was serving at a remote outpost and starts corresponding with me in an alarming manner....the last thing I'm going to tell him is follow his conscience...because that conscience might be telling him to pick up a weapon and kill his members of his unit or himself.  Time and time again we have seen gun violence in America being the direct result of mental instability....instability that was detected by others but not reported.  So if I detect this in my son....I'm alerting the right people immediately so they can check him out.  In my opinion...Bob Bergdahl failed his son....which directly led to his son failing his unit.