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Posted June 16th, 2014 @ 10:20am
Former Steelers coach Chuck Noll was so under-rated it's sickening!!!!
One day after his passing and you couldn't find any story about him on the national websites.  Are you kidding me?
Only coach to win 4 Super Bowls....and he's gone...already forgotten by the national media.  Noll never received the credit due him and most don't even identify the franchice with him.
Think think Shula...not Czonka or Marino...
Think think Al Davis...
Think think Tom Landry...not Staubach...
Think think Bud Grant....
But think Steelers...and you think Mean Joe.. Bradshaw...or Franco before Noll...
Why is this?  2 reasons. He didn't care for the spotlight...and he looked like any other guy who just walked out of the mill......or wore blue shorts and a shirt and stuffed mail in your mailbox.
Shula had the square jaw.....Landry had the hat.....Davis had just win baby....Grant had the crew cut...and Lombardi had the sweep.  But Noll.....Noll had nothing....except for the greatest dynasty ever assembled in my mind.  He just looked like any other dad or grandpa showing up for his kids ballgame...and I don't mean that as an insult.  
I get ticked off when people say he had more talent than anyone.  Well #1 somebody had to draft it.
#2...somebody had to develop it.
and #3...somebody had to keep it focused.  He did all that and more.
And think about who he beat in the Super Bowls.....there were no gimmes.  Those 2 Dallas teams were loaded with Hall of Famers and studs. That Vikings team was a seasoned team with a multitude of All-Pro's....and the Rams were up early and had youth on their side.....yet he was 4-0.  There were no victories in the big game over teams like the 1986 Patriots or some slouch who just happened to make it to the big dance.  The Steelers took out powerhouses....with relative ease. That should count for something.  And if it weren't for some injuries here and there....Pittsburgh would have definitely won one if not 2 more.
These Steeler teams of the 70's weren't the Miami Heat...where 3 guys get together and decide to turn a franchise into a power that I could coach.  These Steelers were pieced together.....molded...and then turned into a fine tuned machine the likes of which had never been seen.  Pick whatever one Steeler team you think is the best...I don't care which one.  But I think whatever one it is would be the greatest football team to ever suit up.........and Noll has to get credit for that.

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