This story out of Greenville, Pa is sickening beyond words.  A 7 year old boy weighing only 20 pounds spotted by a woman walking her dog.  This woman calls authorities to report a "walking skeleton".  Police investigate and find that this young boy was being starved by his mother and grandparents because they simply didn't like him.

When the woman walking her dog spotted him...he was trying to catch bugs to eat.  Authorities say the boy would have been dead within a month.  The boys mother, Mary C. Rader, 28: maternal grandparents Dennis C. Beighley, 58, and Deana C. Beighley, 47 have all been charged.  The other children in the home (all healthy) have been removed.

I simply can't comprehend...probably because I love my kids more than a parent could do this to their own flesh and blood.  Do you have a soul if you starve a child?  Do you have a heart if you can send a kid to bed knowing they are hungry?  And what do you do with someone like this?  I've received emails from some berating me for saying child molestors should be put down like a horse with a broken leg.  So my question to those who disagree with me is pretty simple:  what do you think should be done to a mother who would let a 7 year old child starve to death right before her own eyes?

Should she be shown mercy?  Can you rehabilitate?  Does she get a pass for being mentally incompetent?  Maybe I don't have a heart.  Maybe I'm without a soul. But I feel anyone who did what Mary Rader did to her own child cannot be rehabilitated...cannot be fixed...cannot be helped.  Therefore in my book....she needs discarded just like a paper cup or towel.  How you want to do it doesn't matter to me. 

My heart goes out to this child...who will never be right.  I don't care how much much much support this boy gets the rest of his life...he will never be normal.  Because at the end of the day when he's 25...35...65...the last thought that will go thru his mind every night he goes to sleep will be that his own mother watched as he starved to death.  That's something you never recover from my friend.