In one of the increasing signs that we’ve entered into an all-out culture war, the Left has taken the death of Roger Ailes, who passed away today after slipping into a coma from a fall he took eight days ago, as an opportunity to celebrate and share sarcastic quips.

Here’s just a few of the tweets thathave been sent out:




And there were many that were far worse.

Friend of the Freedom Hut Ben Shapiro was not going to take the hypocrisy lying down. He sent this out:


But defenders of Ailes are in the minority.

Say what you will about Ailes’ indiscretions–and they were quite serious–and the culture he oversaw at Fox News, the network has anchored conservative coverage for viewers sick of the bias since its inception. It may not have ever been “fair and balanced,” but it tried to balance the scales, and Ailes was crucial to its launching and development.

Buck will share more about the hypocrisy and insensitivity of the Left on tonight’s show…tune in.