To slice through the partisan bluster, Buck invited Freedom Hut buddy Sean Davis, a co-founder of The Federalist, onto the show to confabulate about the Comey and classified info storylines.

“How depressed should Republicans be today?” asked Buck. “How big a deal is the stuff we’re seeing?”

“I take a different stance than the Beltway groupthink,” said Davis. “I see all this and think, if there’s any chance some of it’s true, maybe it’s a big deal…but I don’t have really much faith that it is. I’ve seen this movie over and over and over again.”

“We saw it a couple days ago,” continued Davis, “with the Washington Post breathlessly reporting that Comey asked for more moneyto investigate the Trump/Russia collusion story, he was smacked down, and then days later, he was fired. Then that same day, the DOJ came out and said, that’s total garbage, it’s anonymous sourcing, it never happened. And the press moved on to their next big ‘scoop’ based on anonymous leaks.”

“We’re supposed to have our hair on fire about this Comey memo, we’re supposed to believe everything in it is honest. We’re supposed to believe Comey is the last honest man on earth. What reason would he ever have to shave the truth? I find the whole thing tedious and ridiculous, how the DC group gets caught up every day in discussing impeachment.”

“I think we’re watching a collective mental breakdown, where a group of people say I don’t like this version of reality, I’m going to invent another one,” Davis concluded. “Trump is president, and you need to get over it, because the stuff you’re doing now is bad for the country, bad for America…and you need to get a grip.”

“So the guy said, ‘I hope you can find your way past this,'” said Buck. “Not great, but also not criminal.”

“Keep in mind that just weeks before this meeting with Comey, the FBI put out word that they found zero wrongdoing with Flynn,” chimed in Davis. “Maybe Trump reads the paper, maybe he talks to people, and maybe he knows this thing is a farce. If that was the substance of the conversation, sorry, but I don’t care.”