US Orders Families of Government Employees in Bolivia to Leave Amid Unrest



The United States has ordered family members of U.S. government employees living in Bolivia to leave amid civil unrest in the South American country, the State Department said in a statement Tuesday.

Bolivia has endured weeks of protests following a disputed election that ultimately led Evo Morales to resign as president on Sunday after 14 years in power. Jeanine Añez, a former television presenter and women's rights activist who became an opposition leader in the Senate, declared herself the interim president. The crisis erupted shortly after the last elections held on Oct. 20, as allegations of corruption and fixed elections prompted violent protests from residents.

Añez ascended to the post after most everyone constitutionally in line for the post, resigned or stepped aside. Morales' vice president resigned, as did the Senate president. The next person in line listed in Bolivia's constitution was the head of the lower house, who had resigned as well.

"I just want to provide a solution to the horrible crisis that we're living through," Añez said.

The State Department also warned American citizens against traveling to the region. Because of the protests, the U.S. government would be limited in their ability to provide any kind of emergency services.

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