City of Wheeling Launches New 311 Platform for More Efficient City Services

WHEELING, W.VA. – The City of Wheeling’s new partnership with GovPilot will modernize the City’s approach to 311 services including code enforcement, public works, parks and recreation and other non-emergency concerns resulting in greater efficiency.

Director of Building & Planning Tom Connelly explained that the city has implemented this system along with new internal processes to make operations more efficient and services more convenient for constituents. The new Wheeling 311 Report-A-Concern feature is ready for use by the public. This will allow constituents to share non-emergency situations, including building and property maintenance issues like overgrown lots, dilapidated and unsafe structures, abandoned vehicles, pothole repairs requests, etc., directly via an app on their smart-phone called GovAlert, or from the city’s website at The GovAlert app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Ward 2 Councilor Ben Seidler explained that prior to this new launch, constituents needed to either call, email, walk-in or file a complaint in the old 311 system to report a request or complaint; however, the rest of the process was all a manual effort that was not effective or sustainable. 

“Our new 311 platform from GovPilot allows our code enforcement officers to perform and fully document an inspection, right from their iPad while on-site.  The system will automatically generate the ‘notice of violation’ letters and within a matter of minutes, they are printed and ready to be dropped in the mail,” he said. “This new platform is a game-changer for our city and brings an immediate wave of productivity and efficiency by nearly eliminating the unsustainable manual effort required to manage these complaints. This new technology will allow our constituents to see improved response times to their complaints which will improve the quality of life for residents across our neighborhoods.”

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