Woman Drowns After Rescuing Grandson From Submerged Car

Car In Flooded River

Photo: Getty Images

A Tennessee woman drowned after she managed to rescue her grandson from a submerged car. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said that the vehicle veered off the road and crashed into the Sequatchie River in Whitwell on Monday (June 5). The accident occurred near Ketner's Mill, a historical landmark in Marion County.

A boy in the vehicle told the police that his grandmother was able to push him out of the car as the water was slowly rising. Once the boy was out of the car, he started swimming toward the shore. While he was able to reach the shore, his grandmother could not and was swept away by the river.

Authorities said that rescue crews found and recovered her body downstream. The identity of the boy and his late grandmother have not been released.

Officials said that investigators are still trying to determine what caused the woman to lose control and crash into the river.

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