Tim Allen Flashes Co-Star In Resurfaced "Home Improvement" Blooper

Tim Allen, best known for his role as Tim Taylor in the popular sitcom "Home Improvement" has denied claims by Pamela Anderson that he flashed her behind the scenes on the show.

A newly resurfaced clip, seen here on "TMZ", shows the actor has flashed other co-stars, though.

In the clip, from the show’s own blooper real to be clear, Allen is seen lifting his kilt in front of Patricia Richardson, who laughs it off. Patricia says of the blooper "people ask me what was under the kilt when he flashed me, he was well dressed under there, I was just shocked that he lifted the kilt, not by a man in boxer shorts."

Allen denies Pamela's claim that he flashed her backstage while he was wearing a robe on her first day at "Home Improvement.” Allen says "No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing.”

Source: TMZ

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