Attempted Bigfoot Break-In Blamed for Gunshots at House in Ohio

In a strange story out of Ohio, police responded to a report of gunshots being fired and found a man claiming that he had just fended off a Bigfoot trying to break into his home. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred last month in the community of Bainbridge Township when a resident called the cops at around 4:30 in the morning to express concern about someone shooting a gun in their neighborhood. Officers investigating the worrisome call soon located the individual behind the commotion and learned that he had a rather fantastic reason for firing his weapon.

According to authorities, the man told police that a seven-foot-tall creature, which was either a Bigfoot or a bear, had been trying to get into his house by way of the front door in order to abduct his dogs. Wanting to protect his precious pets, the unsettled witness said that he fired some warning shots to drive the 'monster' away. It would seem that the tactic worked as cops subsequently searched the area and found no signs of Sasquatch nor any other animal.

More on this very weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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