U.K. Homeowners Discover Solar Panels Don’t Work

RUSH: I left yesterday's program teasing you with this headline. It's from the U.K. Daily Mail: "Fury Over Fading Benefits of Solar Power as Thousands Complain to Finance Watchdog -- They were promoted as the eco-friendly way to generate both electricity and at the same time. But now thousands of homeowners who bought solar panels have complained that they're not reaping the rewards they were promised.

"The Financial Ombudsman Service has received 2,000 complaints and Barclays has put aside millions to compensate those who took on costly loans to pay for mis-sold panels" that are worthless. See, these people bought into this climate change crap. They bought into the promises. They bought into the idea, "You put a couple of solar panels on the roof, and you won't believe the savings! I'm pretty sure the power company's gonna be driving up and giving you money. That's like how much you're gonna save. Your energy is gonna be cleaner."

They're finding out they can't heat their homes. It's not working, it doesn't make a hell of a difference, and they're not saving any money. In fact, they're out the money it cost them to buy these solar panels -- and yet it's a great example of how this stuff works on people. Why? Because they were made to believe they were saving the planet, and they wanted to be helpful and their lives to be meaningful. So they went out and they bought these things, and they're worthless.

I told you about the first house I bought when I lived in Sacramento. It was a project, a housing project, and every house in the development had two solar panels on the roof. And I said, "What are those?" "They're solar panels. You won't believe how much money you're gonna save on your electric bill." I didn't save a dime. They were worthless. It was later discovered that they weren't even connected to anything. They were just up there to satisfy some regulation that the homes be built with them.

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