First Graders Recognized For Saving Their Teacher During Medical Emergency

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Photo: (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

A group of first graders at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Ardmore, Alabama are being recognized as heroes for their quick response to a classroom crisis.

Teacher Tracy Hodges began the morning feeling fine, but soon realized her vision was blurry. When she began shaking and fell out of her chair, hitting her head, her students knew something was definitely wrong.

So the youngsters sprang into action to get help. While two students stayed behind with their unconscious teacher, several others left the classroom, splitting up to get the nurse and other teachers.

By the time Hodges woke up, she was surrounded by medical personnel and school staff members. And once she was at the hospital, doctors told her she tested positive for COVID and had a seizure as a result.

After a few days of recovery, the teacher was on the road to recovery and while she’s sorry her students had to witness that emergency at such a young age, she believes having them there helped save her life.

The students’ efforts are being celebrated by their community, including the town’s sheriff, district attorney, police chief and fire rescue team, who all visited the school to award the kids - now known as “Hodges’ Heroes” with certificates and medals for their actions.

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