9-22-23 Bloomdaddy Show

9-22-23 Bloomdaddy Show/Joey Chestnut

Bloomdaddy interviews the world's number 1 competitive eater Joey Chestnut as he takes on Carmen Sunday in a donut eating contest

9-21-23 Bloomdaddy Show

Bloomdaddy asks callers to share experiences with the COVID vaccine, presents the latest installment of Everybody Has a Story, and invites Bernie Kosar to analyze Deshaun Watson's play.

9-20-23 Bloomdaddy Show

An abbreviated Bloomdaddy Show has your latest installment of Politics: Left, Right, Center with Republican Pastor James Davis and Democratic Cleveland City Councilman Mike Polensek.

9-19-23 Bloomdaddy Show

Bloomdaddy and the crew discuss the Browns loss to the Steelers on MNF and the devastating injury to RB Nick Chubb.

9-15-23 Bloomdaddy Show

For Fun Friday Bloomdaddy and Pat Butler discuss bands that annoy them. On the Ex-Files Bloomdaddy and Karen talk celebrity crushes and thinking of others while with their partners. Guardians' Manager Terry Francona joins the show ahead of a three-game series against the Texas Rangers.

9-14-23 Bloomdaddy Show

Bloomdaddy reacts to the news of Hunter Biden's indictment, and presents the latest installment of Everybody Has a Story.

9-12-23 Bloomdaddy Show

Bloomdaddy welcomes Congressman Jim Jordan to the show to discuss Joe Biden impeachment inquiry. Jim Renacci also jumps onboard

9-12-23 Bloomdaddy Interviews Congressman Jim Jordan

Bloomdaddy welcomes Republican Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan to the show to discuss the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden

9-11-23 Bloomdaddy Show

Bloomdaddy interview Ret. FDNY Firefighter Bill Butler who was trapped in a collapsed Tower-1 22 years ago today during the September 11th terrorist attacks. Bloomdaddy also welcomes Fred Greetham from the Orange and Brown Report to the show to discuss the Browns 24-3 win over the Bengals Sunday